Live Happily and Healthily Amidst the Pandemic:

Live Happily and Healthily Amidst the Pandemic: Revealing Taiwan Excellence's Sports Solution for a Fit Summer With zero new confirmed domestic cases of COVID-19 for almost three months and the loosening of anti-epidemic measures, the government is now encouraging the public to adopt a new and healthier lifestylefor epidemic prevention bydoing regular exercise to boost their immune systems.

    This focus has driven consumer spending on health and domestic sports products during the post-epidemic period. According to the news from Agence France-Presse, the epidemic has not only resulted in an increase in business opportunities for Taiwan’s sports sector, but also a surge in demand for cycling and other sporting activities across Europe and North America, setting off an outdoor sports trend.

     Adhering to Taiwan Excellence's core value of " innovation," winners of the Taiwan Excellence Awards have gained a deep understanding of the latest trendsin international sports and health care. Through exclusive research and development and patented technologies, they are committed to bringing people the most innovative and high-quality products, offering a healthy lifestyle for sports lovers during the summer.

      A prime example is the "Supercooling shirt Collection" developed by ATUNAS which cools people down when outdoors during the scorching summer. The product adopts an exclusive, intelligent nano-cooling yarn technology and meets the international green environmental protection and energy processing standards, giving the wearer a cool and comfortable experience. Compared with normal fabrics, it reduces body temperature by 2°C, blocks harmful ultraviolet raysand is made of washable fabrics, which provide consumers with a light and comfortable experience for prolonged outdoor activities. Another great product is "Target Global Health Energy Tape" developed by Target Global which facilitates muscle relaxation after exercise.

       The product doesn’t containany anti-inflammatory medicine either. By adopting patented nano-technology, precious metal elements imported from Germany are injected into the surface of the cloth, which stimulates blood circulation and effectively relieves muscle soreness after exercise. Those wishing to avoid the baking hot summer weather are welcome to visit the “Taiwan Excellence Online Shopping Platform” established jointly by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) on PChome24h(

     The platform has over 1,000 outstanding products recognized by the Taiwan Excellence Award and provides fast, 24-hour delivery service in Taiwan (6 hours for Taipei) as well as delivery to over 100 countries(, allowing consumers to enjoy the most convenient home shopping experience.

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